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Hospitalist Management Programs

If your hospital has the physicians in place, but your Hospitalist program is having issues putting it all together, HCC can provide the necessary tools to maximize the potential of your Hospitalist program. HCC has designed and managed dozens of successful inpatient medicine practices across the country.


We’ll work with you to infuse our infrastructure, experience, and know-how into the operation of your program, allowing your doctors to focus on patient care. We offer full-time management as well as consulting services.


HCC Management Programs include:

  • Scheduling/Training//Management of existing physician team
  • Design/Implementation of ideal staffing patterns based on personnel and workload
  • Monthly onsite visits from a member of HCC’s Leadership Team
  • Practice management software implementation and billing assistance
  • Monthly performance benchmarking

HCC Consulting Programs include:

  • Pinpointing and addressing key operational issues
  • Designing a strategic staffing and scheduling model
  • Hospitalist recruitment, retention, and compensation evaluation and assistance
  • Improvement of hospital staff communication
  • Quantitative evaluation of program performance
  • Development of Hospitalist practice operations manual