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Why Us

Why HCC’s Hospitalist Program?

Our hospital clients benefit from:

  • Average return on investment of 2:1
  • Average of 20% increase in admissions
  • Reduced average length of stay
  • Reduced cost per case
  • Enhanced case mix index resulting from improved documentation
  • Enhanced access for referred patients and Emergency Department unassigned patients
  • Improved payor relations and reduced denied inpatient days
  • Improved satisfaction for patients, families, and nurses
  • Compliance with clinical care guidelines
  • Competitive advantage over facilities without Hospitalist services


Referring primary care physicians benefit from:

  • More efficient office based practice
  • Relief from Emergency Department “on call” requirement
  • Communication with HCC Hospitalists via e-mail, phone, written requests, and clinical summaries
  • Confidence that patients will return to their care after discharge


Patients benefit from:

  • Excellent physician communication
  • 24/7 on-site physician availabilty
  • Enhanced physician availability for patients and family members
  • Enhanced satisfaction with the inpatient experience